is a barebones bookmarking /
capture-anything site

A simple and streamlined bookmarking application. Save files, images, URLs or plaintext for future reference. Add notes or tags if you'd like to. That's it.


Tag bookmarks for fast lookups or create your own system(s) of organization with them. And with the community tab, keep up to date on what your friends and others are bookmarking.


You can use it however you like honestly. There is an upcoming option to keep your bookmarks private, but joining our small community of bookmarking fiends and sharing interesting articles is recommended.


I love ✶✶, and wanted to build a simpler, less feature-full but also less complex version of it. More than anything, it's a small experiment and exploration of mine, and I hope you enjoy using it nonetheless.


Demo reels below

Bookmark text, URLs, images and more

Fast, combinable lookup with tags

Edit, modify and reorganise your bookmarks quickly

Dynamic media previews for sharing bookmarks

Add to homescreen